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Bookkeeper in a Box

The Support of an Bookkeeper and Accountant, The flexibility and Price Point of DIY

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Full Access to accounting software online for business owners. Includes all features for income and expense tracking for the average business owner.

    Receipt Snap

    Always losing your receipts and know you’ll need them later? Snap a picture in our app and upload it straight to your client portal, then throw the receipt away! No more shoeboxes full of paper at the end of the year.

    Monthly Tips and Tricks

    Automatically subscribe to our monthly Blog posts that include business owner tips and tricks.

    Quarterly “White Glove” Management Report Review

    When you’ve finished your bookkeeping for the quarter, but you’re not QUITE confident that everything is how it should be, and you’d like a second look. Send us your management reports for the quarter and we will comb through them with a red pen and let you know if anything looks out of place

    Digital Document Storage

    PO’s? Bank Statements? Receipts? Management Reports? Utilize our document storage within the client portal for all your document storage needs. Access your documents at any time.

    10% Federal Quarterly Tax Return Client Discount

    Your bookkeeping is done, you’ve had your “White Gloce” Review and fixed any issues, and now you need your taxes filed!

    Discounted “Fix It!” Usually $120/Hour, Bookkeeper in a Box Price:$80/Hour

    Something out of place in our “White Glove” Quarterly review, and you just CAN’T figure out how to fix it? No problem! You have discounted “Fix It!” rates, and we’re happy to give you an estimate on the time it will take to fix it. (Minimum of one Hour)

    Year-end 30-minute consultation

    You’ve done a great job all year, but now you want to plan for next year. Or maybe you just have some questions. While we offer 60-minute consultations year-round, bookkeeping in a Box clients get a free 30-minutes every year!

    Add-Ons Available

    QBO Invoicing (With/Without Payment Processing)

    Payroll Processing


    Just the Fine Print...

    Bookkeeper in a Box – The DIY Entrepreneur is for business owners who are either just starting and need to get their foot in the door, or business owners with a smaller footprint who do not plan to scale largely. This may also be a good option for someone who plans to eventually upgrade to traditional bookkeeping. This service is not available to existing SA&T clients unless preapproved by your service provider. All Bookkeeper in a Box Subscriptions are subject to a 12-month contract. Add-on services are an additional (steeply discounted) cost as outlined in the final agreement.

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