Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Monthly bookkeeping accounting involves the process of recording, organizing, and maintaining financial transactions on a monthly basis. This includes the tracking of revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities, as well as reconciling accounts and preparing financial statements.

The following are some of the key steps involved in monthly bookkeeping accounting:

  1. Recording transactions: All financial transactions, such as sales, purchases, payments, and receipts, must be recorded accurately and timely in a general ledger or accounting software.
  2. Reconciling accounts: This involves comparing the balances of bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts against the company’s records to identify any discrepancies.
  3. Preparing financial statements: The balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows must be prepared to provide an overview of the company’s financial position.
  4. Analyzing financial data: Monthly financial reports can be analyzed to identify trends, monitor expenses, and make informed business decisions.
  5. Adjusting entries: Adjustments must be made at the end of the month to correct any errors or discrepancies in the accounts.

By performing monthly bookkeeping accounting, businesses can ensure that their financial records are accurate and up-to-date, which is essential for making informed decisions and complying with tax regulations.

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